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How Can I Participate?

Declaration of Intent/Vow of Masterhood
Watch Spiritual Cinema
Spiritual and Mind-Expanding Cinema Film List

This page is for those who already know deep down inside that a shift in human consciousness is happening and would like suggestions for possible ways to consciously and actively participate. Below I have reproduced a few sections from Chapter 11 of the Great Shift manuscript (How Can I Participate in the Shift?) containing some relatively simple suggestions.

In Conversations with God (Walsch, 1996), God repeatedly emphasizes that thoughts, words, and actions create the reality that we experience. The usual way of thinking about this is that it follows in that sequence: thoughts --> words --> actions. However, God suggests that when we feel stuck in thought patterns that are not helpful we can reverse the process: actions --> words --> thoughts. This chapter is for readers who at some point as you have been reading this book have thought to themselves: "Yes, I want to be part of the Great Shift!" If you have not had this thought, I am asking you now: Do you want to be part of the Shift? The remaining chapters of this book are for those who have answered "yes" to this question. If you answered, "I'm not sure," I offer a procedure that may be helpful in settling the question one way or the other.

From here on out I am assuming that the intention to be part of the Shift, as expressed by thought, has been made. This chapter offers a number of ways you, the reader, can verbally affirm your intention to consciously participate in the Shift (i.e., we are focusing on the words part of the thoughts-words-actions triad--in the next three chapters the focus is on actions). Some of the statements may seem mundane and you may wonder, "How can my saying this possibly make a difference?" Others may seem strange and you may react nervously to the idea of saying such a thing. You have complete freedom of choice here so do what feels right (which may not necessarily be what feels comfortable).

How, you may be asking, can simply saying something make a difference? By verbalizing a thought we are giving the Cosmos a consistent message that we are willing to let things come into our life that will allow us to act on the thought and words. However, if it is your true intention to participate in the Great Shift, you have to act when the opportunities come your way. Do not make any of the statements in this chapter lightly. You will be given the opportunity for unusual things to happen in your life, and each time you enter into an opportunity, amazing new ones will come your way. If, on the other hand, you draw back from an opportunity that comes your way out of fear or lack of self-confidence, you are giving the Cosmos a mixed message. Opportunities to participate in the Shift will continue to come your way, but every time you fail to act, you reinforce the thought patterns and life situation that makes it harder to feel a part of the Shift (Section 13.3 addresses ways to deal with unhelpful thought patterns).


11.1.2 Declaration of Intent. If you want to actively participate in the Shift, the simplest thing is to say: Yes, I want to be part of the Great Shift in human consciousness. As discussed above, this will not automatically bring about changes in your life, but if you pay attention, you will find opportunities come your way to free yourself of patterns that you find are not helpful in your life journey, and enter into new unexplored territory.

11.1.3 Vow of Masterhood. In New Age language, the transformation process involves ascension to Masterhood. This used to require years of studying the channeled teachings of the Ascended Masters, and was attractive to only a relatively small group of people. Since the Harmonic Concordance in November, 2003 anyone can activate the ascension layer of their DNA by verbally making a vow of Masterhood. Kryon tells how to do this:

...What should I say and to whom? Like so many other things we've spoken of, the answer is far easier than you might think. You need to be alone. Then, with pure intent, come before the family [Spirit] and state your case. Whatever you say is then the beginning of the rewrite [to the Akashic record related to your past incarnations], since the energies of Earth respond to Human free will. Speak it out loud so your cells can hear it, too, in the air. State that you drop the old vows and then give a new one. Perhaps you'll now take the vow of masterhood? Perhaps you'll pledge yourself to the benefit of all humanity? ...A vow of masterhood gives permission for the energies to change within you, for the tool box to be opened and for Human Beings who have always thought of themselves ordinary to begin to activate the ascension layer of their DNA. The door to a peaceful planet begins to open and only a few will walk through at first, then more and more should they choose to see. (Kryon/Carroll, Sedona Journal of Emergence, February, 2004:19).

A vow of masterhood should not be taken lightly. By doing so you will activate the third layer of your DNA. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I suspect that you will find it harder to ignore opportunities for change in your life than with the simple declaration of intent described earlier. Back to Top


11.3.2 Watch Spiritual Cinema. The Arcturians, Beings from the Arcturus star system speaking through Patricia Pereira, offer an interesting higher dimensional perspective on the movies that have become a staple form of entertainment in today's world. According to the Arcturians, movies are "critical to the galactic transformative stage" by their capacity to initiate shifts in human consciousness. This is because movies are actually third-dimensional manifestations of a fourth-dimensional reality (the astral realm). Because of the importance of film in human culture, both positive and mischievous (negative) "multilevel entities" do their best to imprint messages within the finished product, sometimes subliminally, but more often overtly. Horror movies and those that depict evil aliens bear the imprint of the "demonic, fear-loving Dark Lords," and can be understood as an all-to-real depiction of a reality somewhere in the lower astral realms (Pereira, 1999:204-206).

This is a sobering perspective that should provide motivation for being cautious in what we choose to watch at the movies and on television. Because the making of a film is a complex project involving a large number of people usually there is a blending of positive and negative influences. For example, the movie Signs, depicts an alien invasion, but its scariness is largely counterbalanced by humor, and it provides useful information about crop circles (see Sections 3.7.4 and 10.2.2). Another example of mixed influences is the Matrix trilogy, which effectively introduces the idea that what we perceive as physical reality is an illusion, but portrays a very grim reality that lies behind the illusion. As viewers of such a movie, it is our responsibility to differentiate the dark from the light influences, and to embrace the positive aspects.

Table 11-2 identifies films where the positive strongly outweighs the negative, while at the same time helping the viewer become comfortable with aspects of higher dimensional reality. I have classified dramatic/comedic films into three main categories:

Beneficial Extraterrestrial Organization (BETO) Contact and Beyond, includes films that offer a generally accurate portrayal of the ETs who are supporting humanity and Earth in making the dimensional shift (see Section 10.3 for more on BETOs), and what it will be like for those who feel drawn to interstellar travel after the Shift.

Earth School and Higher Dimensions, includes films that portray the continuance of consciousness after death, reincarnational experiences, and angelic influences in human life. It also includes films that challenge our conception of physical reality.

Fantasy: Good vs Evil, includes films of epic quality that portray the triumph of good over evil.

Indigenous Viewpoints, in keeping with the idea of stretching our cultural frame of reference in what we read, includes films that provide a distinctly native American or other indigenous point of view.

There are many other uplifting films, dramatic, comedic, and educational that could be listed, but I have chosen to focus on films that are of special relevance to the coming dimensional shift. The Spiritual Cinema Circle (www.spiritualcinemacircle.com), serves as a cinematic counterpart to the book-of-the-month club, and is an excellent source for identifying films other than those listed in Table 11-2 that are worth viewing. Stephen Simon, originator of the SCC, also has a monthly column "The Movie Mystic" in the Sedona Journal of Emergence in which he provides chakra ratings indicating how beneficial the film is likely to be for the seven major energy centers of the human energy field. See also Carl Schroeder's Mystical Movie Guide website (www.mysticalmovieguide.com)

Most of the films listed in Table 11-2 (indicated by an asterisk) have received a higher dimensional blessing by the Arcturians as "management training films." Invite your friends or family members to watch as well, and know that you are taking advantage of one of the many ways available to prepare for the coming dimensional shift.

Table 11-2 Mind Expanding and Spiritual Cinema (I welcome nominations for titles to include: Contact Us)

BETO Contact and Beyond
Earth 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick film (1968)*
2010: The Year We Make Contact. Peter Hyams film (1984)*
Abyss. James Cameron film (1989)*
Batteries Not Included. Steven Spielberg film (1987)*
Cocoon. Ron Howard film (1985);* sequel Cocoon: The Return Daniel Petrie Film (1988)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (extended version). Steven Spielberg film (1977)*
Contact. Robert Zemeckis film (1997)*
ET. Steven Spielberg film (1982)
Hoagland's Mars (documentary). Richard C. Hoagland*
Mission to Mars.
Starman. John Carpenter film (1984)*
Star Trek (entire series, both motion pictures and television, especially Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home-1986)*
Star Wars trilogies: Star Wars (1973), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return of the Jedi (1983), The Phantom Menace. George Lucas Films*

Earth School and Higher Dimensions
Always. Steven Spielberg film (1982)*
City of Angels. Brad Silberling film (1998)
Defending Your Life. Geffen Pictures (1991)*
Field of Dreams. P.A. Robinson film (1989)*
Ghost. Jerry Zucker film (1990)*
Heart and Souls. Ron Underwood film (1993)*
Heaven Can Wait. Buck Henry film (1978)*
Made in Heaven. Alan Rudolph film (1987)
Phenomenon. Jon Turteltaub film (1996)*
Pleasantville. (1998)
The Truman Show. Peter Weir film (1998)
What the Bleep Do We Know? (2004)

Fantasy: Good vs Evil
Harry Potter series: HP and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), HP and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Willow. Ron Howard film (1988)*

Indigenous Viewpoints
Medicine River. Stuart Margolin film (1994)
Smoke Signals. Chris Eyre film (1998)
Windwalker. Keith Merrill film (1981)
From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers Warning. (BBC Documentary, 1991), Mystic Fire Video

* Identified by Arcturians as "Management Training Films" (Pereira, 1999)


Cited Pereira, Patricia L. 1999. Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light: The Arcturian Star Chronicles, Vol. 4. Hillsboro, OR: Beyond Words Publishing.

Walsch, Neale Donald. 1996. Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons. [Originally published in 1995 by Hampton Roads Publishing] Back to Top