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Welcome to the Great Shift Website

(launched on June 1, 2005; updated July 2021)

This website presents a positive view of the future and invites visitors to consciously commit themselves to the coming dimensional shift in human consciousness. This transformation, this Great Shift to a New Age, will lead us to health and wholeness as individuals, create global peace, and sustain an ecologically healthy planet.

This website affirms both rational and intuitive approaches to understanding the Great Shift, and honors the many paths that are available to consciously participate. It is dedicated to the many thousands of early Lightworkers who consciously committed themselves to the Great Shift and paved the way for those of us who would awaken later.

Humanity's collective journey of awakening has taken some interesting twists and turns since the New Earth was fully anchored energetically in 2012. The eyes of the Cosmos continue to focus on Earth perhaps now with some puzzlement why humanity isn't farther on its awakening journey. I offer my perspective on why in Shift Blog #46 A Pause in Forward Movement. Future Shift Blogs will expand on this.

Here you will find:

The Great Shift Newsletters #1 through #47 (2005 to 2014) and links to Great Shift Blogs #1 (August, 2014) to present: Great Shift Newsletters and Blogs.

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Chapters of the eBook Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift: A Guide to Cosmic and Global Aspects of the Coming Dimensional Shift in Human Consciousness, published in 2008, are available for download: Available Chapters.

For an overview of the entire book see Table of Contents and Chapter Summaries

Information that you may find useful for identifying your soul origin and purpose as a way to more easily align your thoughts, words and actions with the Great Shift: Soul Origins.

Geophysical and astrophysical evidence that supports the idea that Earth is making a dimensional shift, as suggested by higher dimensional sources, without catastrophic harm to humans: No Catastrophic Earth Changes

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