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Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift is a manuscript in progress, with the publication date to be determined by SPIRIT.


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*Due to minor changes in the outline cross-references to appendices in chapters may not be correct.

Great Shift Manuscript Summary (feel free to share with anyone you wish)
Chapter 1. Social Signs That a Shift Is Happening
Chapter 2. Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (I): Physics and Biology
Chapter 3. Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (II): Social Science and Direct Observation Using High Sense Perception
Chapter 4. Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (III): Direct Communication From Higher Dimensions
Chapter 5. Geophysical Signs That a Shift is Happening (includes separate 3.2 MB file with figures).
Chapter 6. Understanding the Shift (I): The Game of Duality and the Possible Human
Chapter 7. Understanding the Great Shift (II): Time, Space, Great Cycles and the Positive Probable Timeline for Planet Earth (Section 7.1 only).
Appendix A. Criteria for Evaluating Information About a Larger Reality
Appendix B. Kinesiology as a Means to Obtain Information from Higher Dimensional Sources
Appendix C. Catastrophic Earth Changes and Other Scary Things

Chapter 9. How We Are Being Helped Make the Shift (I): Personal Assistance,
      the New Children, and Adult Incarnational Assistance
Chapter 11. How Can I Participate in the Shift?
Chapter 14. Many Paths, Common Elements (I): Finding Your Own Truth, Symptoms of Awakening

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