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Other Sources of Information, Inspiration and Support

Higher Dimensional Source Links
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Crop Circles Links
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Frontier Science/Science and Spirit Links (New May, 2007)

As I continue work on the Great Shift manuscript I am amazed and awed by the number of individuals and organizations which are helping make the shift happen, and by the number of higher dimensional Beings who are supporting us. There are many ways to think of the higher dimensional Beings that are assisting humanity and Earth make the dimensional shift. I find it useful to broadly classify them as either a part of the Ascended Masters, angelic realms and other spiritual energies (often collectively referred to as the Spiritual Hierarchy), which focus on spiritual aspects of the Shift or Beneficial Extraterrestrials who are associated with specific star systems and focus more on the technical and energetic aspects of the Shift. Here I provide links and contact information for the following:

1. Selected higher dimensional sources associated with the Spiritual Hierarchy and angelic realms, and their human channels, that regularly provide information about the Great Shift and have been especially helpful as I have developed my own understanding of what is happening.

2. Newsletters and Magazines offering information in support of Lightworkers and others who have committed themselves to the Great Shift. These typically contain information from a variety of higher dimensional sources.

3. Websites offering information about and in support of the New Children, especially those born after 1987, who are playing a special role in the Great Shift.

4. Websites created by individuals and organizations that offer images of crop circles (see explanation below) and who work with Beneficial Extraterrestrials which are providing loving support to humanity as we make the Great Shift.

Speaking from experience, I can say that the ease of jumping from link to link on the internet makes it easy to become sidetracked from finding the information that is most useful for one's own path of participation in the Great Shift. Your intuition is the best guide to finding websites that may be particularly helpful on your own journey. If you have a favorite website that you would like to nominate for inclusion in this page, let me know: Contact Us.

Higher Dimensional Sources Associated with the Spiritual Hierarchy That Regularly Provide Positive Information About the Great Shift

Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman: www.RonnaStar.com

Archangel Metatron/Carolyn Evers: www.metatronminutes.com

The Brotherhood of Light/Edna Frankel: www.beyondreiki.com

Conversations with God/Donald Neale Walsch: www.cwg.org; CwG Bulletin

The Group/Steve Rother: www.lightworker.com; Beacons of Light newsletter.

Kirael/Fred Sterling, Honolulu Church of Light: www.kirael.com; Kirael.com News

Kryon/Lee Carroll: www.kryon.com

Lightworker Organizations/Newsletters/Magazines Back to Top

2012 News/Geoff Stray: www.diagnosis2012.co.uk; comprehensive clearinghouse for information related to 2012.

Ascendpress Journal, periodic e-journal of Spiritual School of Ascension: www.calltoascend.org

Christ Consciousness Way of the Heart quarterly e-journal published in Australia: www.wayoftheheart.net.

Conscious Alliances e-Zine/Linda Pannel: www.consciousalliances.com. Also sponsors teleseminars led by a variety of individuals.

Cosmic Lighthouse eNewsletter: www.cosmiclighthouse.co.

Daniel Jacob's Reconnections website is full of wonderful information from a long-time Lightworker: www.reconnections.net.

EarthLinkMission Newsletter, periodic newsletter from Chandara who works with energies related to Earth's dimensional shift: www.earthlinkmission.org.

Global Oneness Foundation, various newsletters and extensive wisdom archive focused on global spiritual transformation: www.experiencefestival.com

Higher perspectives, monthly ascension articles by Bryan de Flores: www.bryandeflores.com

Infinite Being Newsletter, website with spiritual focus: www.infinitebeing.com

Intelligent Infiinity's Awakening Project: www.intelligentinfinity.org

The Light of the Mountain quarterly e-newsletter: www.soulevolution.org; focus on personal and Earth healing; see, also www.twinsong.us

LightNews, excellent compilation of channeled messages from various sources:
www.LightNew.us; see also links in: www.Awakening-Healing.com/LightLinks.htm

Light Waves, e-newsletter from Abby Haydon, Spiritual Guidance: www.spiritualguidance.com

Liquid Light Center/Sharon Shane: www.sharonshane.com. Channeled messages from Lord Sananda, Thoth and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Love Corps Newsletter, Virginia Essene, the Share Foundation (awakening humanity with timely celestial memssages): www.sharefoundationnetwork.com.

Messages from the Masters, channeled information from various ascended masters, star beings and celestials through Lauren Gorgo: http://manifestwiththemasters.blogspot.com/

Metagifted Education Resource Organization/Wendy Chapman: www.metagifted.org

Millennium Earth Changes e-books by Lawrence and Michael Sartorius: www.thenewearth.org

Monthly Surf Report and Weekly Updates, e-newsletter from Solara: www.nvisible.com

Monthly Weather Report, Children of Light/Ron and Robert Baker, channeled information from Archangel Gabriel: childrenoflight.com

Nasrin's Waves of Bliss, Messages from the Masters/Nasrin Safai: www.nasrinsafai.com (click on messages bar to the right for links to specific masters). Also eNewsletter.

New Earth Vision e-zine by Qala Sri'ama, G.A.I.A. (Golden Age Interplane Academy), Australia: www.g-a-i-a.com; subscribe@g-a-i-a.com

Network 2012, an international communications hub for linking Lightworkers around the world: www.n2012.com

Maia Christianne's Spirit Mythos website (www.spiritofmythos.org) offers the Numis'OM~Eye of Metatron eNewsletter and Timely Transmissions.

Planetary Awakening Network a network of 1300 networks of lightworkers around the world: www.planetawake.org

PlanetLightworker, monthly e-magazine: www.PlanetLightworker.com

The Quantum Awakening, e-newsletter from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: www.thequantumawakening.com.

Sedona Journal of Emergence, monthly magazine of channeled messages and other articles (available in electronic format): www.sedonajournal.com.

Spirit of Maat/Drunvalo Melchizedek: www.spiritofmaat.com. Online community and webzine.

Truth Contest: www.truthcontest.com. A website created by college students about the truth, conscious evolution, awakening and unity. A nice Links page includes website sites about the truth and supporting truth, reality and collective consciousness.

Truth: It Shall Set You Free, newsletter (Beverly Hale Watson, editor, BHWDOVE@aol.com), Sevenfold Peace Foundation, 2678 Pinehurst Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051; 817/310-0202.

Salem New Age Newsletter, monthly e-newsletter from Salem (MA) New Age Center: www.salemctr.com/newage. See, also the Lemuria Mailing List sponsored by the Center: www.lemuria.net.

Take Charge of Your Life, monthly newsletter by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose: www.1spirit.com/eraofpeace. Extensive links page.

WE International Newsletter, monthly e-newsletter from Walk-Ins for Evolution (WE) International: www.walk-ins.com.

What's Up on Planet Earth? e-newsletter from Karen Bishop: www.whatsuponplanetearth.com Especially useful for individuals who are very sensitive to the shifting energies that are happening as a result of the dimensional shift.

Information About the New Children (See also, Chapter 9 of the Great Shift manuscript) Back to Top

Indigo Children

Indigo Children/Lee Carroll: www.indigochild.com

Metagifted/Indigo Children: www.metagifted.org/topics/metagifted/indigo

The Beloved Community, James Twyman: www.emissaryoflight.com. Click on Indigo Resources

Crystal Children

Crystal Children/Doreen Virtue: www.thecrystalchildren.com

Star Children

Starchild/Celia Fenn: www.starchildascension.org/starchild. Information for indigo, crystal, and starseed children and adults; includes channeled information from Rainbow Children and Archangel Michael.

Starchildren/Daniel Jacob: www.thestarchildren.com; see also articles on his Reconnections website: www.reconnections.net/SC_articles.htm


Higher Vibrations, Laurel Chaisson: http://groups.msn.com/HigherVibrations a good place to find how the New Children see themselves and us adults.

Children of the New Earth, monthly e-magazine: www.childrenofthenewearth.com

NewKids.Us: www.newkids.us site created by Sunny Ariel inspired by her grandchild.

Psychic Kids: www.psykids.net another source for the kids' perspective.

Uriel Heals/Jennifer Hoffman: www.urielheals.com. Uriel Heals is a weekly e-newsletter with regular column on the indigo and crystal children.

Crop Circles and Beneficial-Extraterrestrial-Aligned Individuals and Organizations Back to Top

Crop Circles: One function of crop circles is to activate the cosmic, soul and physical DNA of those who view them, as well as expand the brain's neurosynapses. If you feel drawn to view crop circles, use your intuition as to which images you are attracted to and meditate upon them for a while.

Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha/Crop Circle Makers/Judith K. Moore: www.cropcirclesrevealed.com. Source of higher dimensional information on the meaning of certain crop circle.

Crop Circle Connector: www.cropcircleconnector.com. 2004 images and information from around the world available for viewing; 1978-2003 crop circle archives open to members only.

Temporary Temples/Steve Alexander: www.temporarytemples.co.uk. Crop Circle Image Library dates back to 1994.

Lucy Pringle's Homepage: www.lucypringle.co.uk.

Crop Circle Photograph Library 1990 to present. Crop Circle Pictures and Sacred Places Tours/Ron Russell: www.cropcircle.org. See links on this website for many more websites.

Heartlink Institute Crop Circle information:

Starseed Information/Beneficial Extraterrestrials. Emphasis here is on websites with information from and about higher-dimensional Beneficial Extraterrestrials. There are many organizations that study UFOs and ETs from a more third dimensional perspective. I have included CSETI as a good example. Back to Top

Arcturian Group of Forty/David K. Miller: www.cybertrails.com/groupofforty.

The Arcturians/Janosh: www.the-arcturians.com. Dutch graphic designer;see especially graphics of crop circle codes.

Bashar/Darryl Anka: www.bashar.org.

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), Dr. Steven Greer: www.cseti.org.

Change the World: Decide Whether We Should Show Up: www.geocities.com/changetheworld_now/Changetheworld1.htm. In connection with this message I also recommend that you read Dr Michael Salla's excellent analysis of it:www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-7.htm; and the petition in response to it: www.petitiononline.com/readynow

Channel for the Masters, Michael Ellegion: www.channelforthemasters.com, Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters; see, also list of Star People Characteristics

City of Light Andromeda/Liat Nava Aliya: www.abouttheheart.org.za

Cloverleaf Connection/Ariana Sheran: www.cloverleafconnection.ca. Earth-based contact for Ashtar Command and other celestial entities.

Dipperstarlight: http://dipperstarlight.com, an evocative website focusing on the Dipper constellations. If you would like to check out your Starseed origins/source of support see the Starcards on this site.

Dolphin Connect/ET Friends/Joan Ocean: www.etfriends.com

Exopolitics Institute/Dr Michael Salla: www.exopolitics.org and www.exopoliticsinstitute.org

Galactic Friends, Canadian first contact humanitarian projects website with news items, channeled messages and many good links: www.GalacticFriends.com

Golden Eagle/Messages from Star Nations: www.star-knowledge.net/starmessages.htm. This website is rich with other sources of infomation as well.

Hathors/Tom Kenyon: www.tomkenyon.com/hathors.

Keys of the Arcturians/Janosh: www.the-arcturians.com; graphic designer who makes images based on crop circles (check out "the codes" page of the website).

Light/Lines, e-newsletter from publishers of the Ra material: www.llresearch.org

Mission Ignition/Raphiem: www.missionignition.net.

The New Ground Crew/Valerie Donner: www.thegroundcrew.com; From the Heart e-newsletter. [Donner and Nidle worked together until late 1997].

9D Nibiruan Council/Jelaila Starr: www.nibiruancouncil.com.

Planetary Activation Organization/Galactic Federation/Sheldon Nidle: www.paoweb.com; Sheldon Nidle Updates.

Pleiadians/Barbara Marciniak: www.pleiadians.com; The Pleiadian Times newsletter.

Pleiadian Consciousness/Nanco Nieling (The Nethelands): www.pleiadian-consciousness.nl

Pleiadian Lightwork/Amorah Quan Yin: www.amorahquanyin.com

Royal Priest Research, website of Lyssa Royal: www.lyssaroyal.com.

Sananda's Eagles/Janisel Rohs and Debbie Wright: www.sanandaseagles.com; Ashtar Command information and much more.

Sirian Council/Frances Hoffman: www.franceshoffman.com; Sirian TIPS (Transformation Information for Planetary Service) monthly e-newsletter.

Sirian Revelations/Patricai Cori: www.sirianrevelations.net; SirianRevelations e-newsletter.

Starbuilders/Michael Lamas: www.starbuilders.org; quarterly e-journal Federation Flash

Starseeds/Star People: www.crystalinks.com/starseeds.html.

Starseeds: www.spiritsource.org/starseeds.htm.

Tree of Golden Light/Nancy Tate: www.treeofthegoldenlight.com; Wake Up Call e-newletter with channeled messages from Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters. On this website see also the ET First Contact section with channeled message from the Galactic Federation through Mike Quinsey

Tuieta/Portals of Light (messages from spiritual hierarchy, space command and elemental kingdom: www.thenewearth.org/portals.html; e-newsletter.

Unarius Academy of Science (works with the Space Brothers): www.unarius.org; Unarius E-News archives.

Back to Top

Frontier Science and Science and Spirit Websites

Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies: www.aspsi.org.

Ascension Research Center/Elizabeth Elon Omera: www.spritofra.com.

Astral Research/Carl Schroeder: www.astralresearch.org.

Atlantis Rising: www.atlantisrising.com. Magazine covering ancient mysteries, future science and unexplained anomoalies.

Bruce Lipton, PhD: www.brucelipton.com. Author of the Book Biology of Belief.

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd: www.thegreatstory.org. An educational website for learning and celebrating the Great Story of Cosmic Evolution.

Center for Music Medicine: www.centerformusicmedicine.com. Library on healing and energetic aspects of sound.

Courageous Souls/Robert Schwartz: www.courageoussouls.com

Cosmic Harmony: www.cosmicharmony.com. Many good links related to science and spirit.

Crystallotus website: www.crystallotus.com. Crystallotus e-zine--Mainstream and esoteric science.

Dewey Larson's reciprocal system theory: www.rstheory.com. Ra, a higher dimensional source indicated that Larson's physics was on the right track.

Divine Cosmos/David Wilcock: www.divinecosmos.com. [Formerly Ascension2000]

Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website: www.crystalinks.com. Articles on wide variety of science and spirit topics; Crystalinks E-zine.

Esoteric Science: www.esotericscience.com.

Hilarion/Jon Fox: www.hilarion.com. See especially information on inert gas science.

Farsight Institute, Dr. Courtney Brown: www.farsight.org. Remote viewing research since 1995.

I AM That I AM website: i-am-that-i-am.com. Extensive text, audio and video resources.

Institute of Heartmath: www.heartmath.org. Research on heart intelligence--the link between emotions, heart-brain communication and cognitive function.

Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action www.jointhegreatshift.com

International Institute of Integral Human Sciences: www.iiihs.org. See also information in this website on the 2008 33rd Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference Reconnecting Heaven & Earth in Spirit, Space and Human Psyche:

KeelyNet website: www.keelynet.com. Alternative science.

Leading Edge International Research Group: www.trufax.org. Scientifice, Social and Planetary Paradigm Reseach and Analysis.

Metareligion/Science website: meta-religion.com.

NewHeavenNewEarth website: www.nhne.org . A skeptical website with spiritual focus. Provides links to many excellent organizations with a more third-dimensional approach to human consciousness shift.

Nexus Magazine: www.nexusmagazine.com. Bi-monthly alternative news magazine.

New Dimensions Media: www.newdimensions.org. Regularly broadcasts interviews that address science and spirit topics via radio and internet. Also puts out a monthly Newsletter

The Orion Project, focus on developing clean energy technologies beyond solar and wind "conventional" technologies.

Peace in Practice/Celine Lai, Australia: www.peaceinpractice.iinet.au. [link to New World Websites]

Resonance Project/Nassim Haramein: www.theresonanceproject.org.

Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author: www.sheldrake.org.

Science Frontiers Online: www.science-frontiers.com. Focus on mainstream scientific literature and less mainstream literature that challenges the dominant paradigm.

Spiritual Research Foundation, Australia: www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org.

2012 Dire Gnosis/Geoff Stray: www.diagnosis2012.co.uk. Best single source of information on the year 2012.

Ummite physics and metaphysics: http://ummo-sciences.org/en/index.htm

Unarius Academy of Science: http://www.unarius.org/

University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Arcata, CA: www.umsonline.org.

Water (Film): http://www.intentionmediainc.com/water.asp

Wisdom Quest Library and Archives, Yellow Springs, OH: www.wisdomquest.info. Monthly study groups.

World Transformation: www.worldtrans.org. Source of very diverse information.

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