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Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift eBook

The following Chapters are available to be read online or copied to your computer. This material can be printed out but not modified (Below are some suggestions on how to read the material on your computer).

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Introduction and Chapter Summaries (35 pages)

Chapter 1 (Social Signs That a Shift Is Happening, 52 pages)

Chapter 2 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (I): Physics and Biology, 64 pages)

Chapter 3 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (II): Social Science and Direct Observation Using High Sense Perception, 69 pages)

Chapter 4 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (III): Direct Communication from Higher Dimensions, 36 pages)

Chapter 5 (Geophysical Signs that a Shift is Happening, not yet posted)

Chapter 6 (Understanding the Shift (I): The Game of Duality and the Possible Human, 36 pages)

Chapter 7 (Understanding the Shift (II): Time, Space, Great Cycles and the Positive Probable Timeline for Planet Earth, 50 pages)

Chapter 8 (Understanding the Shift (III): Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth, 45 pages)

Appendices A through C (88 pages):

Appendix A. Criteria for Evaluation Information About a Larger Reality
Appendix B. Kinesiology as a Means of Obtaining Information from Higher Dimensional Sources
Appendix C Prophecies of Catastrophic Earth Changes and Other Scary Things

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