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Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift eBook

Update July 2021: While I did not hold specific expectations when I released this eBook in 2008 as to where we would be 13 years later, when higher dimensional sources that I confidence in agreed that the New Earth was fully anchored energetically in 2012, I anticipated that humanity would be further along on its collective journey of awakening by this point. In 2020 I realized that the multidimensional perpspective offered in this book is not necessary for humanity's collective awakening at this stage, yet may continue to have value for individuals as part of their own journeys of awakening. I have reviewed each chapter and find that most hold up well enough from my current understanding of multidimensional reality to continue to make available. I have added some note offering my current perspective on each chapter.

The following Chapters are available to be read online or copied to your computer. This material can be printed out but not modified (Below are some suggestions on how to read the material on your computer).

Introduction and Chapter Summaries (35 pages)

Chapter 1 (Social Signs That a Shift Is Happening, 52 pages). This chapter holds up well after 13 years.

Chapter 2 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (I): Physics and Biology, 64 pages). This chapter holds up well after 13 years. In Section 2.5.2 I say of Ray Kurzweil's prediction that by 2019 machines will claim to be conscious and that these claims will be largely accepted that "[t]this prediction will be a good test of the materialist view that consciousness arises from the material world." As far as I know, this has not happened.

Chapter 3 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (II): Social Science and Direct Observation Using High Sense Perception, 69 pages). This chapter holds up well after 13 years.

Chapter 4 (Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (III): Direct Communication from Higher Dimensions, 36 pages). If anything, the critieria I offer for evaluating information from higher sources in this chapter and in Appendices A and C are more important than ever.

Chapter 5 (Geophysical Signs that a Shift is Happening). This chapter was written but I never received a go ahead from Spirit to release it. You can read the summary here, and the update to the No Catastrophic Earth Changes page offers some insight as to why.

Chapter 6 (Understanding the Shift (I): The Game of Duality and the Possible Human, 36 pages). There are many ways of understanding multidimensional reality, and the perspective offered in this chapter still feels useful in relation to what's happening on Earth 13 years after it was written.

Chapter 7 (Understanding the Shift (II): Time, Space, Great Cycles and the Positive Probable Timeline for Planet Earth, 50 pages). This chapter continues to provide some useful context for the events leading up to 2012. As of 2021 I do not have the confidence I originally had that humanity will make a collective shift to a positive timeline--the wild card of human free will creates the potential for derailing it--yet I am personally committed, mind, body, and soul to supporting the manifestion of a postive timeline.

Chapter 8 (Understanding the Shift (III): Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth, 45 pages). As things have played out on planet Earth since 2012 most of this chapter no longer feels on target or relevant and I am no longer making this chapter available for download (if you are curious, you can read the summary here). In 2017 I shared in Great Shift Blog #31 (On the Great Shift on Earth and the Multiverse) my sense that something even more amazing is happening on Earth than described in the original chapter. The eyes of the Cosmos continue to focus on Earth perhaps now with some puzzlement why humanity isn't farther on its awakening journey. I offer my perspective on why in Shift Blog #46 A Pause in Forward Movement.

Appendices A through C (88 pages):

Appendix A. Criteria for Evaluation Information About a Larger Reality. This appendix holds up well after 13 years.
Appendix B. Kinesiology as a Means of Obtaining Information from Higher Dimensional Sources.
This appendix holds up well after 13 years.
Appendix C Prophecies of Catastrophic Earth Changes and Other Scary Things.
This appendix holds up well after 13 years.

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